"Today the sky is bright and sunny. The sea is gentle. Green fields cap the cliffs."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who is he?

Callahan ought to know. Little more than a year ago he began an 1,800-mile, two-and-a-half-month oceanic ordeal as harrowing as the one Wins-low Homer envisioned. On the night of Feb. 4, 1982, two days before his 30th birthday, Steven Patrick Callahan was cruising alone in mid-Atlantic aboard his 21-foot-4-inch sloop Napoleon Solo. He had built the boat by hand the previous summer and entered it in the 1982 Mini Transat, a single-handed sailing race from Penzance, England to La Coruña, Spain, then on across the Atlantic to Antigua in the West Indies. Callahan had been forced out of the race in Spain when Solo (named for the Robert Vaughn character in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) developed a crack in her bow. Now, after repairs, he was sailing the Atlantic for the first time alone. "I was working on a novel while Solo sailed herself," he recalls, "writing stories and letters, scribbling pictures of sea serpents in bow ties, pigging out on fried potatoes and onions, just plain enjoying it all."


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Time Line and Events

February 5,
  • First day that Callahan was lost at sea.
  • He has survived the night after the crash.
February 6,
  • Steven Callahan's birthday
  • Turns on the EPIRB
February 10,
  • Sixth day in the raft
  • Steven Callahan repairs the floor of the raft
February 15,
  • Callahan evalutates where the lanes may be
  • The night before Callahan and Solo almost capsized
February 17,
  • Callahn catches a trigger fish.
March 3,
  • Twenty-seventh day lost at sea
  • Callahan names his raft Rubber Ducky II
April 1,
  • Day 56 lost at sea
  • A storm tests his water-catchment system
April 12,
  • Day that marks the anniversary of Callahan's wedding.
April 21,
  • Callahan is rescued by fishermen

Monday, May 2, 2011

Surfing Accidents

Surfing accidents occur all the time. Owen Willson told his surfing story on the Tonight Show.

Owen Wilson told Jay Leno during his appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday that he received 24 stitches to his head after a recent surfing accident in Hawaii.

"I took on a wave that was probably too big for me. I went off the back and the board kinda caught air and the board came back and hit me in the forehead and I got 24 stitches," Wilson said.

He then recounted an episode of his brother coming across a shark in the same area as his surfing accident, and told Leno that he was fearful of getting attacked as he paddled back to shore with a trail of blood around him. "I was thinking about the shark as I was paddling back in with a little blood dripping into the same cove where my brother was attacked recently!"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Accidents at Sea

Accidents happen at sea once in a while. Usually you don't hear about them unless they are large. One that we all know about is the Titanic. Everyone knows about this large accident including an iceburg and the Titanic. The Titanic was sunk nearly a century ago in the North Atlantic. Instead of ending its voyage in New York, the Titanic found itself two miles under water. This accident caused 1,500 people to lose their lives. Survivors of this accident told stories and shared their feelings of the night. One of the survivors was Molly Brown. People were shocked about this tragic accident and still today people think about it and remeber the stories and lives lost.